Small Town Big Screen – Drive-In Cinema


From the minute you arrive, you are transported from your home town into a world like no other. “Small Town Big Screen” is a drive-in cinema concept and brand devised by Experience Creators and brought to life in less than three weeks with the first stop at Barrow Town Hall, Barrow-in-Furness.

7 Films, 4 Nights, 1 Small Town.


In just three weeks, we managed to gain over 2,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram.

We reached over 40,000 people during the three weeks leading up to the event across both platforms and had over 12,000 engagements too.

Our Small Town Big Screen website delivered over 17,000 views during the weeks leading up to the event.


Wearing our bright pink, branded high vis jackets, our small team of amazing brand ambassadors were on hand to ‘check in’ people to the event, manage the queue of cars and traffic flow in and out of the car park and parking the cars.

Ever the professionals, our team brought the event to life with the brief of ‘act like it’s Disney World’, every part of the event needed to create a sense of escapism from everything going on in the world right now.


Five local businesses partnered with the event: The Wet Room, Cumberland Building Society, Barrow Market Hall, Visit Barrow and Barrow Eats.

We devised a ‘partner package’ that secured our clients three ads on rotation before each film, three social media posts and a ‘sponsor package’ that secured another client JD Comps, a one-minute advert right before the film.


We partnered our new drive-in brand with two local media companies – daily newspaper, North West Evening Mail and local community radio station, Cando FM to secure “talk of the town” status among Barrow.

By providing prizes for the Evening Mail to give away, we were able to secure favourable press coverage during pre-promotion and post-event write ups as well as increase exposure for our business partners by including them in quotes during the articles. Partnering with Evening Mail allowed us to gain further reach to a daily circulation of over 7,000 as well as social reach of over 25,000, where all articles are re-posted.

We partnered with Cando FM to give away further tickets in exchange for more media coverage, with a potential reach of the Barrow population of approx 70,000 people and social following of 6,000.

Experience Creators don’t just put on an amazing event, we exploit all of the PR opportunities to deliver return on investment and generate as much coverage as possible.


To raise awareness of issues in the local community, Experience Creators partnered with Barrow Food Bank to raise awareness and provide support.

We allowed the charity to have a one minute advert before each film to ensure maximum exposure.


Our web and design team created a logo and brand for the drive-in cinema that was across our website, socials, marketing mix and on the event.